The best cars don’t compromise, combining satisfying performance, good fuel economy, and cutting edge cabin tech. Our picks cross segment boundaries, but each of these vehicles exemplify the best of what the industry has to offer.

A match made in heaven: Subaru and Prodrive team up for TT record attempt

Subaru USA is looking to smash the lap record on four wheels around the Isle of Man TT course – and it’s enlisted rally legends Prodrive and Subaru Technica International to help it do just that. The brands will combine their extensive motorsports knowledge to produce a purpose-built WRX STI, designed specifically for getting around the high-speed circuit in a short a time as possible.

Petrolicious Features a 1983 Nissan Skyline DR30 with SR20 Power

However, as time went on, he decided he wanted to return to his roots, so he found an ad for the DR30, and made a trade for the unregistered car. The car needed a few engine components, which were difficult to find in the states, so Kho slotted in the venerable Nissan SR20 engine, which he says is essentially an updated variant of the engine that initially came in the DR30.

See a 360-Degree Video of the 2017 Ford GT Race

A native of Indiana, Daly, 24, comes from a racing family (his father Derek competed in Formula 1), and while he’s had a taste of IndyCar action in the past, this is his first true campaign and as such is listed as a rookie driver for the 2016 IndyCar season. But Daly is far from a rookie in overall experience. He’s been racing for half his life and spent several years in Europe competing in GP2 and GP3